Hi, I'm JT Smith

I made Result Hunter because I noticed big tech tends to all push toward one primary political goal, and it permeates their algorithms, communications, and donations That primary goal is to advocate for government to create a more elitist system where they can maintain their market dominance. To feed into that system they promote media company after media company that shares that goal, and punish employees, articles, and even users who participate in contrary political goals.

I strongly believe many, many evils in human history stem from unchecked governmental power, especially when groups are divided and identified by their traits and demographics.

So I thought, let's make a search engine that values individuals above collectives. Let's make sure that search engine promotes truth above social justice, intersectionality, and critical race theory. Let's create an online world in which businesses that share our user's values and fulfills their needs earn their money rather than businesses that may actually despise our user base and their values.

If that's something you're interested in, make Result Hunter your default search and we can work toward these goals together!

How Result Hunter works

When you use this search engine, you support tech and businesses that share your values.

ResultHunter has an extension available on the Chrome and Mozilla Firefox stores. This extension will update your default search to Result Hunter.

By default, your search experience is set on Safe Search: Strict. This keeps the results somewhat family friendly, although when searching for non-family friendly terms, you will still likely get results that are not family friendly. You can change the Safe Search setting using the top right menu.

Additionally you can use the settings menu to search by date, or search for specific file-types like .pdf files.

Search options include Web, Images, Videos, and News.

How to Support Us

We're just happy you're using our search engine. However, if you want to see us grow and improve, it will help a lot if you buy me a coffee.